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Update Fall 2020

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for their support of this small home- based business.  It seems everyone is experiencing different challenges related to Covid-19.  Billdad Bath is not excluded from that.  I want to tell you all I appreciate your patience and understanding.  It has been challenging getting supplies in a timely manner, which backs up the soap making and curing process.  This has lead to favorites being out of stock.  However, don't despair...I do have quite a bit that will be ready in the coming weeks and will be up on the website.  Lavender Oat will be back in stock as well as the Shave Soaps.  I will be adding a new Shave Soap that many of our female customers have requested.  It smells amazing!  I will have a few new scents too.  So I once again thank you all for your understanding and support!

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